Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow and the Birds

We woke to snow this morning – what fun! 

Not a whole lot of nature study going on with these freezing temps & the ice we have been dealing with all last week.  But, today I was able to get some great bird pictures that I think we will use to start a bird study of sorts.

Here are a few of the pics I got:


bird 2


bird 3


bird 4

The cardinals in the tree – were not too happy with me out there – they waited until I left to eat.  Too bad.


bird 5

Hanging out in the rose bush – waiting their turn


bird landing

Caught this one coming in for a landing – check out his feet!

birds in the snow

PJ says that this one is about to jump and that is why his legs are extended in this picture – he is probably right – who knows?

birds waiting to eat

cardinal 1

cardinal in the tree

And to finish with my favorite one:

flying birds 1

It will be fun figuring out a couple – I think the boys know them all, but we can look into some fun details about each of them!  Fun future studies for our gang!

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