Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bird Counting

The past weekend was The Great Backyard Bird Count – and it was fun for us to count some birds here at our home.

PJ lookin for birds


AG bird watching

We counted about 3 times total, I think.  We logged in a hawk each time, I think – several cardinals, and lots of sparrows.  We also have a Great Blue Heron that comes almost daily to our pond, or the one across the fence.  We also have a steady number of Turkey Vulters.

bird watching

We did venture out on Monday to the East Texas Arboretum to count birds with friends. 

bird watching with friends

We hiked about a mile and a half, found the bird lookout, but we did not actually see any birds.  It was a little sad, but we had so much fun playing, hiking and being with friends, we did not seem to mind the lack of birds.

lookin' at tree blossoms

I think next week we will pick a bird we see often and do a deeper study of that bird.  Maybe some art to come to!

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