Monday, February 7, 2011

Bird Watching

We have enjoyed watching the birds, more lately I think.  We are getting geared up for a real honest-to-goodness bird study.  I think we may do this all month, well what is left of it. 

bird button

Starting on the 18th we are going to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC).  It will go on from the 18th to the 22nd.  You spend a minimum of 15 minutes counting birds – anywhere!  Could be the park, a pond, or your back yard.  Then you record which kinds of birds you see in that period of time.

So, in preparation, we are :  (1) getting out all of our bird books, (2) trying to identify those we have photographed here,  (3) planning where we want to count besides our backyard, and  (4) print out a list of birds we could see in our region (from the website).


I think we are going to walk down our road one day – there is a small pond just off the road and every time we walk by, many wood ducks fly out.  So we will go and count those wood ducks one day – should be fun!


Then, I think I want to try to spend one period over at Cedar Creek Lake since there are tons of Loons over there – and count those one day.

It is going to be lots of fun!  Lots of counting and lots of looking up birds we do not know!

So, check out the website and join us in counting some birds and benefiting the National Audubon Society, for one.  There are lots of great things to see on their websites that are very kid friendly too!

Lastly, did I mention PRIZES??  There are those as well – they award prizes once you submit your results – binoculars, bird books, bird feeders, etc!  Well worth the time you spend counting I think  - plus it gets kids excited!!

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