Friday, October 22, 2010

getting back into a routine

Today we actually went out and did some nature study!

We took our classroom to the pond and sat on the dock with our pencils and our nature journals – here is what I saw

nature journalling again

Two boys sitting on the edge of the dock drawing the view

ED drawing in his journal

A sweet boy filling in his picture of a deer by the pond


more drawing

Here they are all comfortable adding some color to their pics - 

my journal picHere is my quick and simple sketch of the trees behind the pond – I was “helping”

nature journalling

Hope we get into a routine with this nature study – we are sure enjoying our day to day nature study right here in our backyard!

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  1. this is awesome! I bet you loved it! look at all those little concentrating bodies... ;)

    so nice.

    amy in peru