Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Latest finds

We have had some amazing living learning with regards to nature this summer!!
Here are some things we have watched, studied, or simply seen! Enjoy!!

Our youngest son with his find! A living Sand Dollar - he found it himself. (We did release him)This is an Osprey that lives in the cove by the Point. What a beautiful bird!!
These are Lupines that grow wild in Maine. So pretty!

A little crab who was crawling in the muck during lowtide.

Here is a nest at the house at the Point - we watched the mom and dad build the nest for about a week, then we noticed the eggs! Too bad we did not get to see the babies hatch!

This is a bird we were observing at the Portland headlight Light house. Just a cute little guy who lived in the bird house he is sitting on.

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